4 Amazing Features of the New WordPress 5.6

On the 8th of December 2020, WordPress 5.6 was released to the general public with some new and exciting features. Some of the new updates can be seen in areas of performance, security, auto-updates, and improvement on the Gutenberg block editor. Just like the previous version, WordPress 5.6 now had several versions of the Block Editor which helps to enhance users’ editing experience especially for those who do not have the Gutenberg plugin installed on their website yet. Another notable feature of this WordPress version includes the new default Twenty Twenty-One theme, support for PHP 8.0, and Application Passwords for authentication.Let’s take a detailed look at some of these updates and features

The New default Theme: Twenty Twenty-One

WordPress 5.6 release

One of the features found in WordPress 5.6 is the addition of a new default theme known as Twenty Twenty One. Designed by Mel Choyce-Dwan, this new theme does not only look awesome, it is SEO-friendly and accessible. With the new Twenty Twenty One default theme, users can quickly build complex layouts using block patterns.

Automatic updates

WordPress 5.6 release - Updates

The importance of keeping your website up to date cannot be overemphasized. Although the previous WordPress version can provide minor updates, one beautiful fact about the new WordPress 5.6 is that it updates to major versions automatically. Automatic update for WordPress 5.6 is an opt-in service, this implies that you have a choice to activate the button all by yourself.

Application passwords

WordPress 5.6 release - Application Passwords

This new feature provides an excellent way to allow external sources access to your site without giving away your password. Here you are allowed to generate access keys and share the same with your users. The keys come in sample formats like abcd, 4567, and so. In addition, it is quite easy to revoke access, all you need is to click on the revoke button.

Better Layout

WordPress 5.6 release - Better layout

WordPress 5.6 allows users to access different tools and edit their layouts with or without codes. This new tool includes gradients for cover blocks, single-column blocks, full-width headers among so many others.


Interested in updating to WordPress 5.6? There are so many features and updates that make your experience seamless. However, it is advisable to test out the release version by downloading from WordPress.org.


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