Gutenberg Releases Latest Version 9.7 To Improve Users Experience

6 January 2021, Gutenberg 9.7 was released to address bugs in previous versions and also improve user experience.
The new version comes with several updates and improvements. These updates can be seen in block variation, post-editing interface, custom page templates, and many more.
Read on to find out more about the new Gutenberg 9.7.

1. Improvement in user experience

As stated above, the new Gutenberg 9.7 addresses a lot of bugs with previous versions. This can be seen in the enhancement of block variations.

Unlike previous versions that are generic, Gutenberg 9.7 shows users personal details.

Another minor improvement can be seen in the YouTube variation for embedded blocks. With the new version, users can preview block patterns. Besides, the drag and drop features now have more capabilities.

2. Updates of reusable blocks

Another update can be seen in the reusable block which seems to be a forgotten feature in the previous versions.

The new update allows users to edit the reusable block title with the post editor itself. They can also choose to save an entire post or just part of the reusable blocks.

Users are also free to drag an image out of the block. While all edits are now reflected across instances of the reusable blocks on the site.

3. Custom “Page” Templates for FSE Themes

Gutenberg 9.7 allows users to add custom templates to the drop-down select on an edited post.

Although this is a great development, there is still a bug that must be fixed. This is because the new update does not give room for instant visual feedback.

Users are not allowed to change the visual output of a page in the editor based on selected templates. This implies that users must view the page on the front-end before seeing the result of their application.


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What’s new in Gutenberg 9.7