Hiring a Freelancer vs. an Agency for Your Web Design Needs

A website plays an all-important role in every business. It improves business visibility and converts potential visitors to customers.

When choosing a designer for web development services businesses are caught between opting for an agency or a freelancer.

This article takes a look at the pros and cons of opting for a freelancer or an agency and provides a verdict.

Why hire a freelancer for your web design needs?

A freelancer is a person who has the capability to multi-task. He or she can work as a web designer, content writer, blogger, and even a social media manager.


  • Low costs: One of the major advantages of working with a freelancer is cost. Freelancers are free to set up flexible rates because they work alone and have less bill to foot.
  • You get involved in the process: Working with a freelancer allows you to get involved with the creative process. Freelancers devote so much time to ensure your project is successful.


  • You are at the mercy of their schedule: Since freelancers work alone, you may be at the mercy of their schedule. This is because they juggle between different projects simultaneously.
  • Less credibility: Freelancers have less credibility and are unregistered.

Why hire a full-service agency for your web design needs?

A web design agency is a full-service firm made of experts in website development. These professionals include copywriters, web developers, graphic designers, SEO experts, and many more.


  • Great brand reputation: Web design agencies have a reputation to uphold. They are listed in top review websites like Yelp, and they strive to be accountable.
  • Carry out multiple tasks: A full-service web design agency have professional who work as content writers, developers, designers, and SEO experts.
  • Better result: When different people who are specialists in their fields work on a single project, you get a better result in less time.


  • High cost: One of the major drawbacks of working with a web design agency is high costs.
  • No personal interaction: Web design agencies may not offer an opportunity to have a one on one interaction with their employees.

Who should you opt for?

At the end, who you opt for will be largely dependent on some factors. These factors include company size, budget, and project size. If you own a small business a freelancer should be your best option. However, web design agencies provide better results and are suitable for large scale projects.


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