How to Pick the Perfect Font Style Design?

A well-designed website plays a huge role in the growth of every business. It improves users’ experience and increases return on investment. Finding the right font can be very hard. Also at MAUWEN it was a long search to choose the right font for our website and we are continuously seeking for improvements to improve visibility and readability on our website.

On a website it is vital to ensure that every little detail on your site standout. The colors, font, layout, and text design on your website must be logical and well-balanced all together.

The website font, most importantly, sends an impression of your brand mission and goal. Therefore, choosing a font that is clean, readable, and striking makes your site look better while improving user experience.

Factors to consider when choosing a font for your site

Choosing the right font for your website dependent on many factors some of them are looking at your brand mission and goal, if the font stands out and if the font improves readability.

1. Your brand mission and goal

A website font is one of the biggest ways to portray your brand mission and goal through characters. Due to this, it is vital to carefully choose the right adjectives to be associated with your brand. This goes a long way to ensure that you pick a font that portrays your brand goal.

While searching for the right font you can ask a designer to create a font for you or you can play with open fronts first like Google Fonts, aldo they are not unique, and ask a designer to make something more unique based on the open font.

For more font inspiration you can also go to:

Adobe fonts
Da font

2. Pick between Serif or Sans Serif

Serif font is primarily associated with professional and authoritative websites like universities, news sites, and bookstores. Sans serif, on the other hand, is associated with modern websites that have a cutting-edge design. To understand the right font for your business, simply review the sites of your competitors and get an idea of what is most fashionable.

3. Be mindful of font size, weight, and length to improve readability

You must choose a font size, length, and weight that works together to create readable body text. Ideally, the right font length should be 45 to 85 characters while between 14 – 18px is a perfect size.


When it comes to having a great website, every little detail including the fonts matter. It is vital to opt for a readable font that aligns with your brand goals and values. The search to a good font that works for your business and website could be a long journey but on the end you will have a great website that stands out.


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