Online Marketing Trends 2021

In 2020 all sectors of the economy were adversely affected by the COVID 19
pandemic. The online marketing industry which witnessed so many changes wasn’t left out.

In 2021 the use of online meetings, use ZOOM and interacting with your customers online will be even more critical for business to stay alive. The customers’ behavior and the use of technology are affecting the online marketing landscape. Digital marketers and companies who want to make profits and remain competitive need to be better positioned for the challenges ahead.

Let’s look at some of the significant trends expected to shape the online marketing in 2021 and highlight the trends.

1. The use of interactive content

Technically, this trend has been around for some time. However it is presently one of the best practices for digital marketers that want to stay ahead of their competitors. The use of interactive content is one of the best ways to promote engagement, improve users’ behavior and these contents include blog posts, giveaways, opinion pools, open-ended questions, quizzes, among others. Interactive content does not only increase the length of time spent by users on your website or social media page; it also allows users to have a personal connection with your brand.

2. Customer segmentation

Customer segmentation is an important trend that will shape the online marketing space in 2021. It involves using a large number of marketing campaigns targeted to specific audiences with the same demography, features, given behavior, or shopping habit. It also helps to increase engagement and user behavior.

3. Sustainability

Like in other sectors of the economy customers are now interested in environmentalism. They want to ensure that companies receiving their money are very interested in keeping the planet earth safe. In fact, research has shown that over 81% of customers are interested in topics that relate to improving the environment. This has led to an increase in eco-friendly and sustainable brands.

What does this mean? In 2021, brands that want to stand out must create digital marketing strategies that show they are better positioned to improve the environment. This can be done by creating social media content, displaying banners on sustainability, and the use of sustainable packaging like reusable tote bags.

4. Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising involves the use of Artificial intelligence technology in automating ad buying to target a specific audience. The benefits of programmatic advertising are enormous. It isn’t only fast and efficient; it also leads to better conversion and reduces customer acquisition costs.


These online marketing trends for 2021 are expected to change the digital marketing industry. Therefore, companies that must stay ahead and need to make profits and increase return on investment must include these trends in their digital marketing strategy for 2021.