The Essential Guide to Instagram Shopping in 2021

Did you know that Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms with roughly 1 billion active monthly users? In 2018, it was the most downloaded app after the video-sharing social network, YouTube. Why should this excite you as a brand owner? You can leverage this ever-expanding platform and its advanced features to reach a wider audience and grow your business.

Moreover over 200 million Instagram users visit at least one business profile on the platform every day and 1/3rd of most-viewed stories on the platform are from businesses.
Thanks to the new Shopping Feature of Instagram your business can now reap more benefits.

What is Instagram Shopping? 

Instagram recently integrated an interesting element into its platform called shopping. This new shopping feature enables social uses to shop and buy products they see on Instagram posts.
The Instagram shop offers a more streamlined way for social users to discover products on the platform. The feature can be found on the bottom right side of the main navigation menu.
With this feature you can simply click on an image or browse shops to find items that you are most interested in based on previous engagement.

How To Set Up an Instagram Shop in Few Steps

To access this new feature you first need to create Instagram business page.
You can follow the below steps accordingly to create your page.

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Step 1: Ensure you are eligible for Instagram shopping 

Creating a business page on Instagram doesn’t mean you have an IG shop.
You have to meet certain requirements and answer the following questions.

  • Is your business located in a supported market?
  • Does your business sell physical goods?
  • Does your business comply with Instagram commerce policies?
  • Is your Instagram account a business account?
  • Is your account connected to a Facebook page?

If all requirements are met your IG shop will be approved and you can start selling.

Step 2: Connect your Instagram business profile to a Facebook catalog 

You are required to go through Facebook and set up your catalog there before it translates to Instagram. You can either do this yourself, use a catalog manager or hire a Facebook partner that provides Instagram marketing services. After setting up your Facebook store, click on your Instagram profile settings and tap business > Instagram shopping.

Step 3: Connect your store to the Instagram app.

Submit your account for review and approval by Instagram. The review process takes a few days but sometimes longer.

Step 4: Create shopping content on Instagram post and stories

Once your shop is approved you can start publishing a new Instagram post. Click on “Tag Products” to add a product from your catalog. The feature allows you to include up to five products per image or video and up to 20 products on multi-image posts.

Step 5: Check out your shopping insights

Visit the Insights tab in your profile to view your shopping post and story performance. If you’re running ads, review the performance in the Facebook ads manager.


Shopping on Instagram is likely here to stay. This new feature offer numerous opportunities for businesses looking to improve their online marketing campaign and target the right customers.
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